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Vulnerability Assessment Service

Find, Verify, & Remove Vulnerabilities Rapidly

AnchorPoint’s Integrated Threat Response (ITR)

AnchorPoint ITR provides built-in vulnerability assessment with the essential capabilities you need for complete security visibility and threat intelligence, all in one managed service.

This page will help you understand how ITR enables you to:

  • Get built-in vulnerability assessment capabilities
  • Scan and monitor for new vulnerabilities continuously
  • Prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities more effectively
  • Gain complete security visibility and threat detection
  • Detect the latest threats with continuous threat intelligence

Get Immediate Results on Day One

  • Deploy quickly: We’ll have everything up and running within about 2 hours
  • Discover asset information: Collect device, software, configuration, vulnerability, and active threat data
  • Get actionable, relevant threat intelligence: See prioritized threats, detailed context, and remediation guidance

2 Million

records were put at risk in a breach involving keylogging software. The attack affected at least 93,000 websites – including brand names like ADP, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and more.

Vulnerability Assessment Included

Detect, Prioritize, and Remediate Security Risk Fast

Vulnerability Assessment starts with Asset Discovery, which is essential to have for overall visibility of your network. It also helps you target the range of IPs for your vulnerability scan. AnchorPoint can granularly define the vulnerability scan to specific network segments and assets of interest. Scans can be either done ad-hoc or scheduled on regular intervals. With the number of network security events rising every year, it is essential for you to prioritize your remediation efforts and deploy the most important patches and security updates first. AnchorPoint ITR can report on scanning results regularly to management to assist in documenting remediation progress. AnchorPoint ITR’s included vulnerability assessment filters through the noise of false positives and vulnerabilities that are less important and allows you to focus on risks that truly matter to your business.

Understand your network before scanning.

Our SOC provides auto-discovered, detailed asset information to help you visualize your entire network. You should focus your Vulnerability scans, at a minimum, on externally accessible assets that are the most important to the health of your business.

Scanning and reporting can be done on-demand, in response to an incident, or scheduled.

Our ITR service allows you to schedule vulnerability scans to meet your requirements, such as hourly, weekly or monthly. In addition, we can scan more important network segments or groups more regularly. ITR also provides flexible reporting, which can be done ad-hoc, or on a scheduled basis and sent to email addresses you specify.

Vulnerability scanning needs to provide you actionable information.

Finding, verifying, and fixing vulnerabilities is a constant battle for IT. AnchorPoint ITR helps accelerate that task by providing not only vulnerability scanning and assessment, but also details about the vulnerabilities themselves. The ability to see external threat information, such as communication with known malicious hosts via our extensive network of global threat data from multiple sources delivered automatically to our SOC, helps prioritize your remediation efforts. In addition, AnchorPoint ITR includes integrated Host and Network IDS and SIEM to provide rich contextual information to help with incident response.

Vulnerability information adds context for security incident response.

As new threats enter the security landscape, we are able to run vulnerability scans on-the-fly to help determine if you are vulnerable to new exploits. You will also be able to see the last scan results across your assets, to assist in incident response. You can see vulnerability and asset information conveniently displayed in a single report from our SOC.

Vulnerability Assessment Included