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Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Event Correlation of All the Essential Data Sources, Simplified

Simplify SIEM event correlation and accelerate your incident response time. AnchorPoint Integrated Threat Response (ITR) brings together related asset, vulnerability, intrusion, malicious actor intent, and remediation info for every alarm.

The result?

Everything you need from a single point of contact to assess threats accurately and expedite response, with none of the integration headaches.

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Know What Threats to Focus On, Right Now

Get alarms for assets under attack, understand how they’re being attacked, and see who’s doing it in just minutes.

check Targeted assets and their vulnerabilities

check Integrated threat intelligence from leading industry sources

check Attacker intent, method and context-specific remediation guidance

check Detailed malicious actor info from industry leaders, as well as the open source community

We Automate Event Correlation

When an incident happens you need immediate visibility into who, what, when, where, and how of the attack. Event log data doesn’t provide enough context to make effective decisions. IT teams without deep security expertise must conduct research into each alarm to understand the context—its significance and what to do about it.

AnchorPoint Integrate Threat Response (ITR) eliminates the need for IT teams to spend precious time conducting their own research as we automatically correlate events into actionable intelligence within our Security Operations Center (SOC). AnchorPoint’s seasoned security experts pinpoint the most significant threats targeting your network with timely, relevant threat intelligence that provides every detail you need in the alarm: what’s being attacked, who is the attacker, what is their objective, and how to respond.


Our SOC receives regular updates to this threat intelligence in the form of a coordinated set of advanced correlation rules and product updates, including up-to-the-minute information on emerging threats. AnchorPoint SOC Analysts deliver context-specific remediation guidance, which accelerates and simplifies threat detection and remediation.


You also receive notification when a known bad actor is targeting your network. The AnchorPoint team alerts you to Indicators of compromise (malicious IP address, domains, MD5 hashes of malware, etc.) are detected in your log files.tion.

“We looked at other companies that reported to be a SIEM as well. We were not as interested in log management and correlation as we were the SIEM side of things. We looked at Splunk and a few others, but ultimately realized the majority of the tools we considered required someone with the skills and training of a security operations center analyst to use them properly.”

– System Administrator for City Government IT Operations

More Than 2,000 Correlation Directives and Growing

Detect the most common types of attacks today and stay ahead of attackers with continuous updates

managed by AnchorPoint Security.

Web service attacks (e.g. SQL injections, cross site scripting, etc.) Client-side exploits (e.g. ActiveX, Javascript, etc.) Bruteforce authentication attacks (e.g. SSH, LDAP, NetBIOS, etc. Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS)
Malware detection (e.g. ransomware, trojans, bots and more) Common network attacks (e.g. IP spoofing, hijacking attempts, etc.) Policy violations (e.g. anonymous proxy use, BitTorrent, P2P, etc.) Other suspicious behavior (e.g. login from Tor network)
We’re Flexible

Have specific needs for log sources or in-house applications? We can create and apply custom rules easily.

Don’t do the work, alone. AnchorPoint will save you time.

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