Behavioral Monitoring Service

Understand Your Network & Identify Intruders.

Preventative security measures are often unsuccessful, with new polymorphic malware, and zero day exploits. Therefore it’s important to be on the watch for intruders. Context is critical when evaluating system and network behavior. For example, an abundance of Skype traffic in the network used by your inside sales team is probably a normal part of operations. However, if the database server that houses your customer list suddenly shows a burst of Skype traffic something is likely wrong.

As soon as you become an AnchorPoint ITR customer, our SOC conducts behavioral monitoring and starts gathering data to help you understand “normal” system and network activity. Using the included network behavior monitoring that comes with AnchorPoint Integrated Threat Response, you can simplify the incident response when investigating an operational issue or potential security incident. And because ITR combines network behavioral analysis with service availability monitoring, you’ll have a full picture of system, service, and network anomalies.

Network Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral monitoring for your network & systems is essential for spotting unknown threats. It’s also useful in investigating suspicious behavior and policy violations.


When it comes to identifying threats in your environment, the best approach is a multi-layered one. Intrusion detection systems (network and host IDS) identify known threats, and network behavior analysis can help you identify anomalies and other patterns that signal new, and unknown threats.

With AnchorPoint’s Integrated Threat Response (ITR) service, you can achieve complete and multi-layered security. AnchorPoint ITR provides the fusion of essential security capabilities required for reliable intrusion detection – fueling your incident response program and helping you meet various compliance requirements. By using a totally integrated security ecosystem, our SOC Analysts can break down security silos for a more seamless workflow with your team.

Specifically, the behavioral monitoring capabilities included in AnchorPoint’s ITR service provide this core functionality with the following techniques:

Service & Infrastructure Monitoring

provides continuous monitoring of services run by particular systems. On a periodic basis, or on demand, the device is probed to confirm that the service is still running and available. This lightweight, continuous monitoring will detect unexpected service outages throughout your critical infrastructure.

NetFlow Analysis

performs network behavior analysis without needing the storage capacity required for full packet capture. NetFlow analysis provides the high-level trends related to what protocols are used, which hosts use the protocol, and the bandwidth usage. This information can then be accessed in the same interface as the asset inventory and alarm data to simplify incident response.

Network Protocol Analysis / Packet Capture

allows security analysts to perform full protocol analysis on network traffic enabling a full replay of the events that occurred during a potential breach. This level of network monitoring can be used to pinpoint the exploit method used or to determine what specific data was exfiltrated.