What Is ITR?

What is Integrated Threat Response (ITR)?

Security teams should be focused on security. Unfortunately, teams become overwhelmed by the mountains of alerts and logs they’re tasked with reviewing. The more tools the organization buys to increase security, the more efficiency drops and ironically, the less secure the organization becomes. At AnchorPoint, we simply refer to this phenomenon as “Rusting.”

Rusting means the same to your IT security program as it does with a battleship. Think about it – It takes a full crew of trained Sailors maintaining the ship to prevent it from rusting. What would happen to the $150M battleship if the Navy only dedicated 5 Sailors to maintenance? You would slowly notice specs of rust begin to form. Eventually, those specs turn into holes.


Then, the ship sinks, and we all know who goes down with the ship, right?

This creates a difficult decision point for CISOs and CIOs – Should we hire more security staff, or outsource?

As executives assess the costs and benefits of each option, they ask the following questions:

  • Does our current staff have the required expertise?
  • If we trained them, would they even have time to focus on security without compromising ongoing projects?
  • Attrition in IT is high, and security pros are highly sought. How will we plan for turnover?
  • If we buy a $1M security tool, will we be able to operate and maintain it using existing resources?
  • How does outsourcing all, or part of our security program affect our company’s risk profile?

AnchorPoint’s Integrated Threat Response (ITR) is a managed security service that’s designed to answer the tough questions IT executives are faced with, today.

ITR is a Managed SIEM

An effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution must be more than simple log management and retention. AnchorPoint’s ITR delivers industry-leading SIEM technology to small and medium-sized organizations without the unreasonable price tag and uncertainty around implementation costs. Gartner-leading technology. One, flat price.

ITR is Integrated

The thing that makes SIEM tools valuable is the integration of all the individual security tools you have deployed and the correlation of aggregate data. ITR takes what you already have and makes it better. Our job is to keep your security infrastructure unified. AnchorPoint will connect devices to the SIEM for the life of your subscription.

ITR is Incident Response

Why would you pay for a managed service that only delivers weekly reports, when you know you don’t have the resources to act on those reports? What you really need is someone to just fix the problems. As an ITR customer, AnchorPoint will fix the problems we find and the problems that find you. No more buying blocks of hours from giant IT resellers to fix things after a successful attack on your network. The mission of AnchorPoint’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is to reduce the probability of a successful attack by fixing vulnerabilities and decreasing attacker dwell time. This takes more than a weekly report. This takes continuous monitoring and immediate action.

ITR is Your Security Team…without HR stuff

One predictable cost year after year. No annual raises. No health insurance, 401(k), or training costs. No business impact from turnover. You get a team of experienced security professionals doing what they love to do 24x7x365. They don’t just forward alerts to you, or send you pretty reports – they fix problems and send you After Action Reports. Our team works closely with yours to harden your environment and improve your risk profile. We join your meetings and stand-ups to present reports and brief your team on trends and recent actions taken to improve security. All this and you don’t even have to share the coffee in your break room.