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Full Review of Radware Cloud Load Balancer Solutions


Radware is an award winning solutions provider for load balancer solutions that provide you security and increase your and application delivery performance. Responsible for over 10,000 carrier and enterprise customers worldwide, Radware helps achieve maximum productivity while lowering costs as well as ensuring business continuity. Using bleeding edge technology in their range of products, Radware has maximized IT efficiency while at the same time offering service level assurance for applications critical to their clients.

Radware Company Profile

Radware maintains a global presence and their offices are around the world. Their New Jersey offices serve as headquarters for their Americas operations. Their other offices are located throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. You can find a full list of addresses here.

The Better Business Bureau gives Radware a current rating of an A+. Though they have not accredited their profile they have had 0 complaints filed within the last 12 months

Cloud Load Balancing Services

placeit.jpgThe biggest difference in Radware’s load balancing services is they offer per-tenant isolated services. For IT groups, the switch to a virtualized cloud environment – whether private, public, or hybrid – has not eliminated load balancing challenges. Furthermore, the scaled-out nature of cloud application deployment, further emphasizes the need for load balancing solutions.

Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) can be deployed in the cloud using a shared system serving all applications and tenants, or as a dedicated virtual instance assigned to each application or tenant.

Shared – Load balancing services are external to the tenant virtual server pool, and are shared by all tenants.

Per-tenant – Load balancing services are served by a dedicated LB virtual machine as part of the tenant virtual server pool and are isolated per tenant.

A shared load balancing deployment runs the risk of tenants being affected by one another.

For example, an internal, self-service HR application that experiences a sudden traffic spike may affect the performance and availability of a business-critical e-commerce application – assuming that both share load balancing resources.

On the other hand, with a per-tenant deployment model in which compute resources are specifically allocated per instance, you can eliminate resource contention of memory, CPU, capacity – so that effectively, applications or tenants are isolated and are not affected by one another.

Cloud load balancing ebook

Review of Guaranteed Quality of Experience

Radware provides a unique industry guarantee of quality of experience. They can do this through the following services:

Local and global server load balancing: Ensures the optimal distribution of requests between virtual machines and that only available VM’s are required to handle requests. In multi-site, global deployments, load can be distributed across sites based on the location of clients and the DnS response times.

Resource isolation: With each cloud tenant assigned a dedicated Alteon VA VM (or pair), a dedicated amount of compute resources is available solely to the application delivery functionality, without any contention with other services or tenants. this ensures the proper QoE for tenant applications.

Health checks: Advanced health monitoring functionality can test servers with actual application transactions and evaluate a server’s ability to deliver specific content, beyond the limited “are you alive” type of health monitoring. Consequently, a far greater sensitivity to QoE variation is available in the ADD, and load can be distributed more precisely between servers.

Companies using Radware Today

Many of the world’s top companies use Radware products. This includes applications that require the highest level of security. Today 8 of the top 20 banks today use Radware ADC. Top e-commerce companies from around the world also trust Radware.


Radware Support

Radware offers technical assistance for all of its products through their certainty Support Program. They have individual support programs for North America, Central and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Each customer has access to their support portal and community knowledge base. They offer phone, Skype, email support. To ensure you can always contact Radware they also offer a secondary backup line.

Radware Company Services

Application Delivery

Radware enables organizations to access their business applications seamlessly from multiple locations and provides a secure enterprise application delivery network.

Application Performance

By enhancing the performance of business critical applications, Radware can boost customer satisfaction, business agility, employee productivity and revenue.

Private/Hybrid Cloud Solutions

By providing cloud solutions, Radware can enhance the overall efficiency as well as expand business possibilities through dynamic costs.

Software Defined Networking Solutions

In order to improve the application delivery network as well as availability and performance, the Software Defined Network is programmed to forward traffic in addition to collecting data.


Through their proprietary Attack Mitigation Systems (AMS), Radware can protect application infrastructure in real time from a host of threats including application downtime, information theft, application vulnerability exploitation, etc

SSL Attack Protection

To prevent traffic latency, the outbound SSL traffic interception offers a high capacity solution for traffic that’s encrypted

Cloud load balancing ebook

Our Recommendation

We recommend Radware services to our clients because they offer award-winning solutions portfolio delivers full resilience for business-critical applications, maximum IT efficiency, and complete business agility. If you are looking to learn more about load balancing services, you can download our free ebook below:

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